Our Vision

As one of the foremost indigenous road construction companies in Nigeria, HAPEL NIGERIA LIMITED desires to become a standard measure for excellence, cost-effectiveness and innovation among indigenous roads construction firms in Nigeria.



Our Values

We believe that we are as good as the motivation we give to the workforce. We encourage respect across ranks and values for life and well being




Putting the right man on the right job eases the strain on management resources. We also build on individual strengths rather than take advantage of weaknesses.




Each employee shoulders the responsibility inherent in his or her job. They are able to work independently and efficiently.




In most developing economies of the world, road construction is a vital aspect of infrastructural development. Nigeria is no exception and governments at the federal, state and local tiers lay emphasis on roads construction and rehabilitation.


For well over three (3) decades since its inception, HAPEL NIGERIA LIMITED has made significant contributions developing the indigenous road construction industry in Nigeria. As at today, we are among the leading indigenous road construction companies in Nigeria and we are distinguished by our uncompromising pursuit of the highest quality standards.


There is an established culture of engineering excellence in HAPEL NIGERIA LIMITED. It is the secret behind our success and growth spanning many administrations and transitions in Nigeria.


Currently, HAPEL NIGERIA LIMITED operates all over Nigeria and hopes to expand to other African countries and eventually become a global operator.


chairman's message

  Our Chairman